Thursday, September 27, 2018

20 Benefits To Working From Home

Waking up each morning, and instead of getting into your car to drive to work, you just fix yourself a cup of coffee, and walk straight to your computer! There are so many benefits to working from home, such as:

1.Not having to spend a fortune on gas. With gas prices rising every day, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to not have to put as much in your tank? Not only that, you save on Insurance, wear and tear on tires, but mainly you save on the wear and tear on your nerves!

2.Spending more time with your family. Drive your kids to school if you want, attend school functions, never miss another soccer game. Be there for your family 24/7

3.Working when and how much you want. Don’t feel like working today, then don’t….no need to “call in”, because there is no one to call!

4.No boss to deal with, because you are your own boss! Most mornings, I stay in my pajamas while I work a few hours….what job allows you to do that?? I love working from the comfort of my home…I can work until 5, or quit at noon, its up to me.

5.No time clock to punch, no one to answer to. Sleep in if you want.

6.I can eat lunch when I want, take a break for as long as I want. No more rushing to get back to work to punch back in after lunch…..relax and take a leisurely lunch break.

7.Take a vacation without having to check to see if I can get the time off . I am getting paid while I sleep, & while I am on vacation!! With the economy the way it is, its always good to have a back up…jobs are very hard to find, and the chances of losing your job because of downsizing is happening more and more.

8.You get tax breaks from having a home business-you can write off office supplies, your computer, a portion of your electricity, and even your mortgage…. the list goes on and on!

9. It’s also much less stressful to work from home….no obnoxious co-workers or unfair bosses to deal with.

10.No one will care if you happen to have a “bad hair day”! Even the mailman won’t care!!

11.You don’t have to dress up to go to work. Wear shorts, and sandals if you want! Or go barefoot all day!

12.You can fix up your office the way YOU want. Listen to LOUD music if you feel like it….make it as cool or as warm as you like. Its YOUR office, do what you want.

13. No more having to leave work early or take the day off if a repair man is coming to your house..because you are already home!

14. Have a sick child? No work is missed…….you don’t have to take off work to stay home with him/her.

15. You save money on food. Since you will no longer be grabbing something to eat at work, it will save you a lot of money to just cook at home.

16. You can do away with Child care and keep your child home with you. No more expensive day care bills.

17. No one can fire you! No matter what you do, you cannot be fired or laid off!

18. You can enjoy a slower start to your mornings. Take a longer shower, enjoy a more leisurely breakfast.

19. Never miss your favorite TV or news show. Just listen or watch as you work!

20. Catch up with old friends over the phone. I can type and talk at the same time!

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