Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tripleclicks vs Ebay
What is Tripleclicks?

TripleClicks is a very unique online based store. We have over 100,000 Products. With tripleclicks, absolutely anyone can sell anything they desire. Sounds similar to Ebay right?

In fact it is very similar to eBay except it works of a slightly different type of  system. . List your Products for free. Ebay charges fees to list and if it doesn't sell, they charge a fee for that also.

Why use tripleclicks over Ebay?

The problem with ebay is it requires you to handle the payment processing. You can accept check, money orders, setup an account with paypal, whatever. However what if you have someone who wishes to buy who refuses to use paypal? Or has been banned from paypal for some reason? Then what?

Well thats what TripleClicks addresses. See with tripleclicks you do not need a third party processor. In fact, tripleclicks collects the money and they sends you a check anytime you sell something.

TripleClicks is setting themselves up to become the next  premier in online shopping portal. We are one of the fastest growing internet sites on the Web. If you are looking for serious home businesses, and you have an item or product you want to sell, look no further then tripleclicks. It is truly the ultimate sales platform.

The best thing is you can have your products sold at TripleClicks for free through the ECA program – ebay offers no such program for free to my knowledge! You get sent a notice, you ship your items, and you get paid. These can be physical products, ebooks, software, or any product you can sell through the Internet.
The fact of the matter is TripleClicks does not pose limits on countries in the way  ebay does because it doesn’t use a third party payment processor, it is free to setup store fronts, and you don’t get charged a different rate for listing different types of items. Also just like ebay, and sometimes surpassing it tripleclicks hosts many thousands of products offered by people from all over the world. Many of these people are also making money on the Internet with their own businesses within TripleClicks. You can become a TripleClicks member and start making money selling things you don’t use or want anymore. This is why you will find products that are one-of-a-kind and you won’t find anywhere else.

Plug into a New World of Customers....FREE:
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 Go global! Reach millions of shoppers worldwide on one of the fastest growing, international e-commerce sites on the Web.
Icon Put the marketing muscle of over one million SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products in over 20,000 cities in over 190 countries!
Icon No listing fees and no risk. Simply sign up, upload your products, and start taking orders. TripleClicks retains a nominal amount only when you make a sale.
Icon TripleClicks further facilitates sales growth for you by providing you with your own, customized "TConnect" Website, a multitude of payment options for your customers, wish lists, gift registries, and much more!


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