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  1. I use this site for incredible savings. My 1996 Toyota Tacoma Fuel Pump went out, and I called the auto parts place, they quoted me $112.00 for the part and another $12.00 for the sleeve. They said you get a one year warranty, so I told the guy on the phone, that I bought this part a year ago so can you check to see if my warranty is still good. He laughed and said Sir, your warranty ran out 2 months ago. I said thats not funny! So I called my wife and told her to look up a fuel pump on this site. She said she found one for $12.00! She used Amazon. I said a fuel pump, not a fuel filter, and she said I looked up a fuel pump. I told her I would check when I got home and sure enough, $12.00! And it came with the sleeve! Needless to say, I do all my auto parts shopping here because this site pays you when you shop at amazon and other places. Try it for yourself.

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